The 2012 Grad season…

Dress…check!  Shoes…check!

So much thought goes into every detail , from the dress to the shoes, the tie to the jacket, even the limo! Why not extend that to the flowers you wear for your special day? If you’re looking for ways to personalize, customize, or just find that perfect color to match, here are some ideas and inspirations from this past week’s corsage creations!

We love this elegant thin diamond band! If you’re wearing a diamond pendant or have any subtle bling on your dress, we think this wrist band is just the thing to accent without overwhelming.

Blue dendrobium orchids on thin diamond wrist band

If you’re having difficulty finding blooms to match your dress color, why not add a touch of tinted jewels or sheer ribbon?

Ivory mini cymbidium orchids with emerald and lime accents

Is your look simple and understated? Use a metallic band or neutral toned flowers like spray roses and orchids! Or turn up the volume on this modern corsage with diamond accents and sparkly touches.

Silver wire wrist band

White spray roses and dendrobiums


Find a wrist band that complements your dress color, and pair with exotic blooms that will pop! Dendrobium orchids come in many shades of purples, pinks, and blues, as well as green and white.

Dendrobium orchids on decorative wrist band

Congratulations to this year’s grads!


Studio Mandala

Wow! We have been so busy at Mandala Floral. We are please to announce the opening of our brand-new studio space – Studio Mandala! Located in south east Calgary, we now have an incredible design space, spacious cooler, showroom, and consultation area.

Studio Mandala, a division of Mandala Floral Inc, will specialize in weddings, events, and corporate flowers. Our showroom is starting to take shape, and will display our wide variety of rental vases, pillars, custom metal structures, and floral accents.

Our consultation area offers a quiet and inspiring atmosphere to plan your floral arrangements and discuss the unlimited possibilities with our design staff.

Our new design space allows us to accomodate larger events, and will host floral and DIY workshops as well!

We are so excited to have this opportunity and hope you all can make it down to see us sometime! Please call us any time to book an appointment at 403.257.5155, or visit our new website

So Inspired By Sola Wood Flowers!

We are totally inspired by these delicate Sola wood blossoms! Each petal is hand carved from Sola wood (also known as Balsa wood or Tapioca wood) and pieced together to create these spectacular blooms. Sola wood is very soft and lightweight, making these flowers easy to work with and extremely versatile. They are available in several varieties and sizes – so perfect for adding a rustic and unique look to any bouquet!

Known throughout Europe, and gaining popularity in the United States, we’re sure these rustic blossoms will soon be making some noise in Canada.

Add Sola wood flowers to a bouquet of monochromatic garden flowers, mix them with succulents, or create an entire bouquet of them adding accents of soft foliage. They also make wonderful boutonnieres since they won’t wilt, and can be used throughout your wedding decor without breaking the bank.

The best part? They will last forever, allowing you to have a beautiful keepsake to remember your wedding day for years to come!

Images courtesy of

What`s In! – Wedding Colors, Flowers, and Trends for 2012

With 2011 nearly over, we turn our attention to next year’s weddings and events. The newest trends are beginning to appear as our clients prepare for their upcoming weddings.

This past year’s Royal Wedding has shifted the tide toward classic elegance, with the use of monochromatic florals, neutral tones, natural elements, and overall grandeur. Brides are now looking to create their very own modern day fairytale wedding.

We’ve already begun to book well into 2012, and most of the brides I’ve met with are looking for  moderately sized bouquets, infused with texture and voluminous blooms.  In the past, we’ve used many exotic flower varieties to create bouquets and arrangements with visual interest and a bold punch of color. The trend is now moving to more subdued tones, using blooms reminiscent of the Victorian era – peonies, hydrangea, and roses – with accents of dainty filler flowers such as lily of the valley, sweet william, or waxflower.  Lush garden roses and ranunculus are another favorite, as they are less common and still create a delicate and beautiful look. Using softer hues, fewer greens, and blooms with a high petal count, we are creating a more luxurious and romantic atmosphere fitting for a fairytale!

Garden Rose

Pink Ranunculus

Continuing with the theme of luxury and romance, many brides are accenting their wedding florals with touches of gold or silver. The use of metallic tones is becoming more popular, as it adds a hint of glamor to soft blooms and gives the arrangements another dimension. Pops of gold can be used to add warmth to ivory flowers, and elements of silver can dazzle when mixed with vivid white blooms. If you`re looking to add some glitz to your flowers, we suggest using metallic wire in your bridal bouquet, dropping crystal pendants from tall table center arrangements, or infusing rhinestone pins into your flowers and down the handle of your bouquets.  Carry the theme throughout your decor by using ornate pewter or gold-leafed tea light holders or china on your tables, and as an embellishment on your stationary. Maybe even some glitzy shoes for you and your bridesmaids!

A Fresh Christmas Wreath! Holiday Decorating Tips Continued…

The snow is beginning to fall, and the cheerful twinkle of Christmas lights is starting to brighten our city streets. The holiday season is upon us, and many of you are beginning to decorate your homes for Christmas! This year, put that dusty silk wreath back in the box and place safely underneath the basement stairs where it came from.  Instead, follow these helpful tips to customize a beautiful fresh wreath to suit your decor and add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your front door.  Enjoy the scent of pine and fir, with a wreath that will last throughout the winter!

Fresh wreaths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and come pre-assembled with  a mixture of cedar, pine, and fire bows woven around a metal frame. Along with most plants and flowers, source your fresh seasonal wreath or greenery from a garden center or florist, as they will carry higher quality products and will be able to provide you with information on proper care and handling techniques.

Choose a shape that reflects your personal style.  For over-sized entrances, make sure to find a large wreath, or if modern and unique is your thing, try a wreath on a square frame for high impact!

Whether your taste is rustic and woodsy, funky and unique, classic, or modern, we recommend adding a splash of color to any wreath.  ‘Permanent botanicals’  such as cranberries or snowberries are fabulous, and can be found at most local craft stores and flower shops. Weave the stems into the wreath’s frame, making sure that they are secure before tucking any loose ends back into the wreath – this protects your door from any scratches!

Add any other accents you like in the same fashion, but keep in mind what color scheme and look you are going for.  Too many colors or textures can spoil the overall look of your wreath. Using ornaments from your Christmas tree, fallen pinecones, or dried twigs from your garden are great ways to save money and make your wreath unique.

Outdoors, fresh wreaths can last well into early spring if they are properly cared for.  In cold weather, the foliage will freeze and remain green.  However, direct sunlight or warmer than average weather will thaw the greens, allowing them to brown and dry up.  To prevent this, mist your wreath with water on warmer days and display your wreath in an area sheltered from wind.

If you are displaying your fresh wreath indoors, avoid areas near heat sources such as fireplaces or heating vents.  Seasonal foliage will last several weeks indoors, but you’ll have to mist or soak your wreath with water regularly.

Have any other tips you’d like us to share? We’d love to hear what you have to say so feel free to post a comment!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s the middle of November and most of us are busy getting ready for the Christmas season. Whether you’re planning a get-together, a family dinner, or just want to deck your halls this Christmas season, Mandala Floral has some great ideas and tips to get your home ready for the holidays.

Outdoor pots or urns are a great way to welcome guests to your home and create a joyful feeling right at your doorstep. Greening and decorating your urns can be  daunting task, but the finished product is stunning and will last throughout the winter season. Here are a few helpful hints to make your outdoor pots beautiful and keep them looking fabulous well into the new year:

Line your containers with a large plastic bag (garbage bags work great!) . This ensures nothing will leak onto your driveway or porch, and will also make it easier to remove the arrangement next year.  If your containers are deep, place a filler at the base, such as sandbags or an upside-down bucket. Next, fill the remaining space in container will soil, at least 10″-12″ deep.

Using a mix of cedar, pine, and fir, strip the ends of any excess foliage and place the stems deep into soil. We recommend using fresh seasonal greenery from your local garden center or florist, as they are more likely to last longer.  Place any decorative twigs you plan to use into the soil early on, because they will need to go deep into the soil so they don’t shift while you are arranging the rest of your seasonal greens.

When you are satisfied with your arrangement, add accents that compliment the rest of your decor, such as silk berries, Christmas bobbles, or twinkle lights. Over-sized sugar cones are one of our favorite accents, as they add visual interest and are extremely eye-catching. And finally, once your arrangement is complete, add water! The soil will need to freeze for your greens to last. A small amount of water will accomplish this so make sure not to saturate your soil too much.

At Mandala Floral, we also understand that you may not have the time to green and decorate your outdoor urns – let us do it for you! We offer on-site container greening throughout the greater Calgary area, so call to get your free estimate today!

Visit our website or call us for a free consultation at (403)257-5155

Stay tuned for more great holiday tips and decorating ideas!

Consulting With An Expert On Your Wedding Flowers

Orchids and roses and gerberas, oh my! Deciding on your wedding flowers can be a little overwhelming. Flowers will be in the majority of your wedding photos so you want to make sure they make a statement. Your flowers should add to your wedding decor without taking the focus off of you and your bridal party. Booking a consultation with an experienced floral designer can ensure that your wedding day is enhanced by the flowers you choose.

When deciding on a florist for your consultation, be sure to find one that has a good reputation for weddings, either recommended by another bride or wedding planner.  Read online reviews or visit the florist’s website to view their portfolio beforehand. Most flower shops will do wedding flowers, but try to find one that specializes in weddings and events. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the shop’s portfolio or photos of recent weddings! Booking a consultation at least six months before your wedding is always a good idea. Most florists require time to order in your flowers, as well as any vases or supplies they may need.  A florist the specializes in wedding flowers will book up almost a year in advance. Booking early also allows more time to make changes to your order, so that extra boutonniere or table-center you may need can be added on without any problems.

Consultations take at least an hour, so set aside enough time to go through every detail with your florist. During your first consultation, it’s a good idea to keep your budget out of the conversation – your initial quote should be based on your vision. (We like to start with what your ideal bouquet would look like, and work from there.)  After the initial floral quote, if your flowers are over your budget, work with your florist to maintain the look you were going for, either by substituting similar flowers or downsizing your arrangements to suit your budget.   You may discover that your dream flowers aren’t far from reach!

Some flower shops offer wedding ‘packages’ and although they are convenient, your flowers should be unique.  This is your special day and you should enjoy creating a bouquet that reflects you! Bring pictures of bouquets and arrangements  that grabbed your attention, as well as flowers you like or may be special to you, keeping in mind that they should be pictures of fresh flowers as silk flowers tend to be unrealistic in size and color. A sample of your wedding colors is also a great thing to bring, as it will help the florist suggest certain flowers and fillers. We do recommend that you leave the quantity of flowers in each bouquet to the florist, as they know how many flowers they will need to achieve the look you are going for.

Picking your flowers should be a pleasant experience. It should be done without pressure or inconvenience. Don’t be talked into anything you don’t like! If you are having trouble picturing your bouquet or centerpieces, ask the designer if they will make ‘mock-ups’ that you can view before you make your final decision. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better, if you are getting quotes from several different flower shops because you are looking for the one that is the least expensive, you may just end up getting what you paid for.  This is your special day and you should be able to look at pictures of your flowers years from now and still say, “I love my flowers!

*special thanks to Dana Heald, designer at Mandala Floral for the wonderful tips!