Simple Tablecentre Ideas

Finding an affordable yet stunning centerpiece for your wedding can be a difficult task! You want your guests to be wowed, and your floral choices to reflect your personal taste and style, but what are your options if you want to stay on budget? Can you achieve that wow factor and not break the bank? We think so!

There are always options. First and foremost, we recommend incorporating flowers from your bouquets or other wedding arrangements into your centerpieces. Choose a flower and really showcase it with a creative vase, or use repetition for high impact. We’ve come up with a few examples that can be tailored to any style of wedding and made to suit any decor.

A posie of hot pink hydrangea in this elegant Eiffel Tower vase adds a splash of color to the room.  Beaded bear grass is a great way to incorporate an accent color into any arrangement without overwhelming the focal point.

Dendrobium orchids are affordable and contemporary.  With an assortment of varieties to choose from, including green, white, and a wide range of purples, dendrobiums add a unique twist to the simplest arrangements.

For our cranberry and orange wedding, we used deep red gerbera daisies stacked in tall pilsner vases to accent the burnt orange table linens.  With their large blooms and vivid colors, they are a sure way to draw the eye!


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