Greens as accents

Our wedding this weekend was a beautiful mix of white flowers including freesia, lisianthus, waxflower, veronica, and callas.  But the most breathtaking aspect of the bride and bridesmaid bouquets was by far the silver dusty miller accents throughout, prompting me to write this piece about using unique greens to highlight floral bouquets.

We have such a wide variety of foliage at our disposal, with unique shades and textures to choose from, greenery can be a great way to add an unexpected element to any floral arrangement. An  interesting greenery mixed in with  your floral choices can enhance the flowers and also create visual depth, increase fullness, and sometimes even keep costs lower! Some of our favorites to work with are:

Cotinus : Dramatically dark purple/red leaves, great for adding depth and in bouquets with fall hues.

Dusty Miller:  Soft leaves with silver tones that pair well with structured focal flowers such as callas or casablanca lilies. Dusty miller adds a gardeny touch and softens strong flowers with its delicate leaves.

Pink Ti leaves: Large exotic leaves with fuchsia streaks. This vibrant leaf works well with most tropical flowers like birds of paradise, ginger, protea, and orchids. Use it rolled to add a punch of color, or as a collar to frame a bridal bouquet.

Nandina: Smaller fall toned leaves, best for accenting larger flowers like sunflowers, callas, and gerbera daisies. Create fall trees or garlands with it’s tall stems, or feature the delicate leaves in boutonnieres and corsages for a hint of color.


One response to “Greens as accents

  1. Great article, Mallory. A very unique bouque but it like it!

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