Manzanita Branches: An Exotic Accent

With the 2012 wedding season fast approaching, we know that many brides-to-be have already started to think about their table centers and wedding decor. At the 2011 Bridal Expo, we featured a table centerpiece of stunning sandblasted manzanita branches, white dendrobium orchids stems, and white phaleanopsis orchid stems.  The base of the arrangement was laced with roses, cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and calla lilies. Along with the design expertise of the Creative Weddings and Occasions team, we created an exotic focal point that would enhance any wedding decor.  We fell in love with manzanita…

Also known as ‘mountain driftwood’, manzanita branches make a great statement and can be used in many different ways. These wild and twisted branches are available in their natural deep reddish-brown, or sandblasted for a lighter color.  They are indigenous to the western United States, most commonly in the northern region of California, and come in a variety of sizes.  Although shipping can be  expensive, manzanita branches create beautiful focal pieces and are extremely versatile.

Suspend orchids from the many branches to create a canopy of exotic blooms or hang whimsical pomander balls at varying heights for a more playful look.

image from Koyal Wholesale

Phaleanopsis Orchids

Manzanita branches also make stunning ‘wishing trees’ as there are many smaller branches on which to attach crystals and personalized wedding cards. The branches can be lacquered to suit any decor theme and are available up to five feet in height!

photo credit Jerry Yoon Photography

While you may find it difficult to locate quality manzanita branches, the effort is well worth it! Mandala Floral recently secured a reliable source for quality branches and we were so excited to display them at this year’s Bridal Expo.


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