A Fresh Christmas Wreath! Holiday Decorating Tips Continued…

The snow is beginning to fall, and the cheerful twinkle of Christmas lights is starting to brighten our city streets. The holiday season is upon us, and many of you are beginning to decorate your homes for Christmas! This year, put that dusty silk wreath back in the box and place safely underneath the basement stairs where it came from.  Instead, follow these helpful tips to customize a beautiful fresh wreath to suit your decor and add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your front door.  Enjoy the scent of pine and fir, with a wreath that will last throughout the winter!

Fresh wreaths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and come pre-assembled with  a mixture of cedar, pine, and fire bows woven around a metal frame. Along with most plants and flowers, source your fresh seasonal wreath or greenery from a garden center or florist, as they will carry higher quality products and will be able to provide you with information on proper care and handling techniques.

Choose a shape that reflects your personal style.  For over-sized entrances, make sure to find a large wreath, or if modern and unique is your thing, try a wreath on a square frame for high impact!

Whether your taste is rustic and woodsy, funky and unique, classic, or modern, we recommend adding a splash of color to any wreath.  ‘Permanent botanicals’  such as cranberries or snowberries are fabulous, and can be found at most local craft stores and flower shops. Weave the stems into the wreath’s frame, making sure that they are secure before tucking any loose ends back into the wreath – this protects your door from any scratches!

Add any other accents you like in the same fashion, but keep in mind what color scheme and look you are going for.  Too many colors or textures can spoil the overall look of your wreath. Using ornaments from your Christmas tree, fallen pinecones, or dried twigs from your garden are great ways to save money and make your wreath unique.

Outdoors, fresh wreaths can last well into early spring if they are properly cared for.  In cold weather, the foliage will freeze and remain green.  However, direct sunlight or warmer than average weather will thaw the greens, allowing them to brown and dry up.  To prevent this, mist your wreath with water on warmer days and display your wreath in an area sheltered from wind.

If you are displaying your fresh wreath indoors, avoid areas near heat sources such as fireplaces or heating vents.  Seasonal foliage will last several weeks indoors, but you’ll have to mist or soak your wreath with water regularly.

Have any other tips you’d like us to share? We’d love to hear what you have to say so feel free to post a comment!


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