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The 2012 Grad season…

Dress…check!  Shoes…check!

So much thought goes into every detail , from the dress to the shoes, the tie to the jacket, even the limo! Why not extend that to the flowers you wear for your special day? If you’re looking for ways to personalize, customize, or just find that perfect color to match, here are some ideas and inspirations from this past week’s corsage creations!

We love this elegant thin diamond band! If you’re wearing a diamond pendant or have any subtle bling on your dress, we think this wrist band is just the thing to accent without overwhelming.

Blue dendrobium orchids on thin diamond wrist band

If you’re having difficulty finding blooms to match your dress color, why not add a touch of tinted jewels or sheer ribbon?

Ivory mini cymbidium orchids with emerald and lime accents

Is your look simple and understated? Use a metallic band or neutral toned flowers like spray roses and orchids! Or turn up the volume on this modern corsage with diamond accents and sparkly touches.

Silver wire wrist band

White spray roses and dendrobiums


Find a wrist band that complements your dress color, and pair with exotic blooms that will pop! Dendrobium orchids come in many shades of purples, pinks, and blues, as well as green and white.

Dendrobium orchids on decorative wrist band

Congratulations to this year’s grads!