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Consulting With An Expert On Your Wedding Flowers

Orchids and roses and gerberas, oh my! Deciding on your wedding flowers can be a little overwhelming. Flowers will be in the majority of your wedding photos so you want to make sure they make a statement. Your flowers should add to your wedding decor without taking the focus off of you and your bridal party. Booking a consultation with an experienced floral designer can ensure that your wedding day is enhanced by the flowers you choose.

When deciding on a florist for your consultation, be sure to find one that has a good reputation for weddings, either recommended by another bride or wedding planner.  Read online reviews or visit the florist’s website to view their portfolio beforehand. Most flower shops will do wedding flowers, but try to find one that specializes in weddings and events. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the shop’s portfolio or photos of recent weddings! Booking a consultation at least six months before your wedding is always a good idea. Most florists require time to order in your flowers, as well as any vases or supplies they may need.  A florist the specializes in wedding flowers will book up almost a year in advance. Booking early also allows more time to make changes to your order, so that extra boutonniere or table-center you may need can be added on without any problems.

Consultations take at least an hour, so set aside enough time to go through every detail with your florist. During your first consultation, it’s a good idea to keep your budget out of the conversation – your initial quote should be based on your vision. (We like to start with what your ideal bouquet would look like, and work from there.)  After the initial floral quote, if your flowers are over your budget, work with your florist to maintain the look you were going for, either by substituting similar flowers or downsizing your arrangements to suit your budget.   You may discover that your dream flowers aren’t far from reach!

Some flower shops offer wedding ‘packages’ and although they are convenient, your flowers should be unique.  This is your special day and you should enjoy creating a bouquet that reflects you! Bring pictures of bouquets and arrangements  that grabbed your attention, as well as flowers you like or may be special to you, keeping in mind that they should be pictures of fresh flowers as silk flowers tend to be unrealistic in size and color. A sample of your wedding colors is also a great thing to bring, as it will help the florist suggest certain flowers and fillers. We do recommend that you leave the quantity of flowers in each bouquet to the florist, as they know how many flowers they will need to achieve the look you are going for.

Picking your flowers should be a pleasant experience. It should be done without pressure or inconvenience. Don’t be talked into anything you don’t like! If you are having trouble picturing your bouquet or centerpieces, ask the designer if they will make ‘mock-ups’ that you can view before you make your final decision. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better, if you are getting quotes from several different flower shops because you are looking for the one that is the least expensive, you may just end up getting what you paid for.  This is your special day and you should be able to look at pictures of your flowers years from now and still say, “I love my flowers!

*special thanks to Dana Heald, designer at Mandala Floral for the wonderful tips!